Prattville is the capital city’s neighbor, located just 11 miles northwest of Montgomery. With approximately 35,000 people living within its city limits, this community boasts a multitude of assets that make it something special.

It all started in 1833, when founder Daniel Pratt arrived on the scene. He established the town of Prattville along the fall line of the Autauga Creek, and shortly after began manufacturing cotton gins. He became the foremost producer of cotton gins in the world, earning Prattville the designation of the “Birthplace of Industry in Alabama.” The city’s people exude that famous “Southern Hospitality”, and despite being named one of the fastest growing areas in the state, Prattville maintains its small-town charm.

Holding on to its heritage, while also focusing on the future, has given Prattville a character all its own. Mayor Bill Gillespie, Jr. explained, “Prattville is a city where progress and preservation go hand-in-hand. We are truly a city on the move, and we are proud of our rich history, but look forward to our future as the ‘Hometown of the River Region.’ We are home to the world-class Robert Trent Jones Capitol Hill golf complex. Additionally, we are proud to have Alabama’s first Bass Pro Outdoor World, as well as many other shopping amenities.”

Patty VanderWal, President of the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, shared, “There’s a lot of opportunities here. Our community has the best of both worlds. We have the beauty of nature with the convenience of the city, and smalltown closeness with unlimited growth potential.” VanderWal added that Prattville’s growth can be credited to its community leadership and education system, stating, “We have strong schools in Autauga County, with a good curriculum and other opportunities for our children.”

There are plenty of things to do in Prattville for everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the golf connoisseur. World-class golf is played in Prattville at the Robert Trent Jones golf courses. Prattville’s Capitol Hill is the crown jewel of the RTJ Golf Trail, and is host to one of the LPGA National Golf Tournaments each fall. Prattville is also home to a number of parks, complete with playgrounds and walking trails. Those with furry friends will love Cooter’s Pond Park— there is fenced-off play area with no leash requirement for dogs and their owners to spend some quality time together.

Prattville shopping mixes modern and historic storefronts, with a vibrant downtown district that is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Winding through portions of the downtown area is a Creekwalk, nestled along the banks of the Autauga Creek. There are community events happening in the area year-round— Prattville’s annual CityFest is perhaps the most well known.

“There is no shortage of pride when we talk about Prattville and Autauga County,” VanderWal remarked. “Combine our rich history, our quality of life, and our focus on the future, and it all adds up to success. We are a community that is moving forward-and the best is yet to come. Our city and county are poised for growth in industry, small business development and tourism. We are proud of our progress and of our past. We encourage you to join our friendly community and witness the beauty, the history and the people.”

Quick Facts:
Coming Soon: Pratt Gin Shop, adjacent to the dam and historic downtown, will soon be transformed into 147 apartments with exposed brick, beams, and architectural ingenuity.


Millbrook is the most accessible and populated city within Elmore County— it consistently ranks among the fastest growing cities in Alabama, and its four-zip code area, including Robinson Springs, Coosada, Deatsville, and Elmore, is home to nearly 34,000. Located 10 miles north of Montgomery, Millbrook’s close proximity to and inclusion in the Montgomery area and nearby Maxwell AFB have helped shape the city.

Millbrook residents enjoy small city comforts and a sense of community paired with urban conveniences, creating a relaxing and enjoyable way of life. Families will find that Millbrook perfectly suits their lifestyle— nearly 80% of households in the city are family households. As more and more people discover the allure of the good life in Millbrook, the community spirit of this close-knit city flourishes. Millbrook Mayor Al Kelley shared, “Millbrook is all about comfort, convenience, and community. Our elected officials understand that our citizens are our best resource. We want people to move here, stay here, and make Millbrook home.”

The great outdoors plays a prominent role in Millbrook’s quality of life. Mayor Kelley explained, “We have wonderful recreation opportunities within our municipal parks system, our local and unique Grandview Y, and the Alabama Nature Center, another crown jewel in Millbrook.” Nature’s beauty is celebrated at six well-equipped and maintained public parks that provide recreation for all ages. Memorial Center Park covers 15 acres and features a lighted walking trail, green space for events, and a fully-loaded playground for the kids. Mill Creek Sports complex is a new addition to the city— it houses six baseball fields, two batting cages, and a walking trail. Other outdoor activities such as fishing and boating can be enjoyed at nearby lakes and waterways, including the Alabama River and scenic Lakes Martin and Jordan.

One of the most significant assets to the Millbrook area is the Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF). Its headquarters are located on the grounds of the historic Lanark Estate, only one mile from I-65. The AWF offers a top-notch conservation center, the Alabama Nature Center, with miles of diverse nature trails, a pavilion, and educational programs for schools and the public.

Those looking for a dose of the arts are sure to enjoy performances from the Millbrook Community Players at the Millbrook Theatre. Movie buffs can check out Jackson Lake Island— home to the abandoned town of Spectre featured in Tim Burton’s Big Fish.

Exceptional residential developments, outstanding outdoor and recreational venues, excellent public schools and leadership, quality health care providers and facilities, and positive local government add to the quality of life in the Millbrook area. Mayor Kelley stated, “ Our city administration is working hard to define our destiny by helping to create economic opportunities that make us vibrant and safe. We’re working to bring good shopping, dining, and employment options to the city, and hope to see a number of projects come to fruition in the near future. Check out Millbrook— it just feels like home.”

Quick Facts: 
• Area population is around 34,000.

The Coosa and Alabama Rivers are located on the eastern side of the city, and scenic Lakes Martin and Lake Jordan are located just minutes away.

Millbrook is located 10 miles north of Montgomery, Alabama’s state capital, and can be immediately accessed via Interstate 65 Exits 176, 179, and 181.

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians along the Coosa River, Wetumpka is appropriately known as the “City of Natural Beauty.” Thanks to the six-mile stretch of whitewater rapids, well-developed hiking and biking trails, and beautiful lakes, it is a haven for outdoor recreation lovers.

The city’s archaeological significance is staggering— it is the site of the most cataclysmic geological event in the area’s history. Some 83.4 million years ago, a meteor slammed into the shallow sea that once covered this entire region. Today, its remains are showcased in the four-mile wide crater the meteor’s impact left behind, with the city’s downtown cradled in its basin.

Outdoor recreation remains Wetumpka’s focus in terms of economic development. The Coosa River offers a great time for both beginner and skilled whitewater enthusiasts. The blue-green waters of 44,000-acre Lake Martin are only 20 minutes away, and the shores of smaller Lake Jordan are even closer— a mere 10-minute drive. Both offer endless opportunities for boating, fishing, and much more.

The city is home to loads of gorgeous architecture that can be seen in its historic courthouse (built in 1931), the distinctive Bibb Graves Bridge, and several pre-Civil War antebellum churches. Wetumpka’s bustling downtown district is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis shared, “Downtown Wetumpka has a nice stock of buildings. The downtown business mix includes retail, dining, offices, and services that cater to the local and county market, visitors, downtown-area employees, and businesses revolving around the Elmore County Courthouse.”

On January 19, 2019, an EF-2 tornado significantly damaged areas of downtown Wetumpka. After the storm, citizens of Wetumpka and surrounding areas banded together in an effort to repair the damage and get the city back on its feet— they labeled their project “Wetumpka Strong.” Nearly 800 volunteers showed up the day after the tornado, ready to help in any way possible.

In May 2017, Main Street Wetumpka announced plans to revitalize the downtown area, starting with the Tulotoma Snail Trail. Currently, the first stop on the trail has been completed. This “snail stop” is located at the Elmore County Museum, and is dedicated to the history of the Tulotoma snail, a species indigenous to the Coosa River. More stops are expected to be added throughout the coming years.

Operated by the Poarch Creek Band of Indians, Wind Creek Casino and Hotel draws in business from tourists and locals alike. In addition to over 2,500 gaming machines spread over 85,000 square feet, the property is home to several restaurants, as well as a 20-story hotel. Wind Creek Casino is currently the largest casino in Alabama, and serves as one of the top employers in Elmore County.

When it comes to understanding what makes Wetumpka so special, Mayor Wilis explained, “Simply put, people love living in Wetumpka for the small town charm it offers and leisurely lifestyle. The abundance of walking trails and recreational biking and hiking trails is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast. Wetumpka’s rich history and preserved sites such as the Elmore County Historical Museum and the Black History Museum attract locals and foreigners. It’s easy to fall in love with Wetumpka because of its diverse events that feature fun for the entire family.”