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Guide to Alabama State Parks: Part 1

Did you know there are 21 official Alabama State Parks? Each one is special and offers something different. Here’s the first part of our quick guide to each Alabama State Park. 


How to Find a New Church in the River Region

In the South, it’s often joked that there’s a church on every corner. How can you decide which one is right for you after you move to the River Region? Here are our top tips for finding a new church in the River Region, or anywhere really. 


Guide to Decorating Your New River Region Home

Moving to a new area is so exciting! There’s so much to do, from finding the perfect house to setting up your utilities. One of the most exciting things about moving is decorating your brand new (at least to you) house.

It’s so much fun to shop around and find the perfect pieces to make your new house feel like a true home. Here’s your guide to where you need to shop when decorating your new home in the River Region. 


Guide to Tailgating in Alabama

New to the South? You’ve probably already noticed that college football is kind of a big deal around here! You’ve also probably seen or heard people talk about tailgating before or during the games. Tailgating used to just mean hanging out around a pickup truck bed, but it has grown and evolved into something so much more exciting. 

It’s often joked that everyone in Alabama, whether you’re born-and-raised or a newcomer, has to officially declare their allegiance to the Tide or the Tigers. Each school and its fans have their own tailgating style, so here’s your guide to tailgating and having a great time.


Guide to Retirement Communities in the River Region

In 2016, Go Banking Rates listed Montgomery as the 25th best city in which to retire on $1,000 in the entire United States (Alabama News Network). That’s because Montgomery (and the River Region as a whole) has fairly low housing costs, and there’s just so much to do in the area. 

Looking to retire in Montgomery or anywhere in this region? Here’s your guide to some of the best retiree-friendly communities in the River Region. 


A Quick Guide to the River Region

If you’re new to the area, you’ve probably heard someone (like us) use the term “River Region” at least once. What is the River Region, you ask? Great question! It’s an area that’s made up of the cities of Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, and Wetumpka. Here’s your guide to each city in the River Region.